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Power to Move

Snapdragon is a leader in chip technology, powering some of your favorite mobile devices—from headphones to mobile phones to extended reality headsets. But, despite it being a brand name in Asia, people in the West still only know the brand names of the technology that Snapdragon powers and not about the powerful chip itself. 


So, to change this, we pitched and developed a campaign that shows people the reason why they love their favorite device. Because of the powerful technology within that has the ability to inspire emotion and to move people—from laughter to chills and from here to everywhere.

The campaign had a mixture of video, OOH, digital, and social deliverables that spanned the range of their product categories. Below are just a few more of the many assets that were created to support the campaign.


Jason Ashlock | Executive Creative Director

Dominick Baccollo | Executive Creative Director

Kassandra Pollard | Associate Creative Director

Rene Delgado | Associate Creative Director

Gabby Gonzaga | Art Director

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