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Co-wrote the lyrics to the song "On Gates Avenue" featured on the album City Counterpoint by the amazing jazz vocalist and takoyaki-making expert

—Yuko Kawasaki 🐙

Listen here.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at

Occasionally, I pick up a paintbrush.

I really enjoy watercolors the most.

A fun project me and a couple of

ad school friends made about a mannequin and her relationship

with her human sister.


Loosely based on a true story

—if you can believe it.

A zine inspired by the mayhem created by pigeons and the many ways New Yorkers intersect and

relate with them.

Featured and shortlisted in The Side Show's WTF category—which feels like the best compliment to me.

Sometimes I furiously crochet for a month every handful of months.


I'll make anything from hats to sweaters to toys and hammocks for my cats to this amigurumi for my Kiki's Delivery Service Halloween costume a few years back.

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