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Data Playbook

Working with SAS, the world's leading data analytics company, we built The Batting Lab—an A.I. powered batting cage to teach kids how to use data through a game they love to play by tracking their stance, swing, ball-flight statistics and more.

But, because the program was only made for a lucky few, we extended the program online in the form of a free educational tool for parents and guardians.

Below is an overview of the Data Playbook. For a full experience, give the playbook a swing by clicking here

How It Worked

The playbook has a total of six sections. Each section focuses on one of the six segments of a swing using the elite player data we collected and used in The Batting Lab as a guide. Also included are worksheets that parents, coaches, and kids can print out to track their own swing data.


Jason Ashlock | Executive Creative Director

Dominick Baccollo | Executive Creative Director

Daniel Kim | Group Creative Director

Justin Chen | Group Creative Director

Kassandra Pollard | Associate Creative Director

Gabby Gonzaga | Art Director

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